7 habits of highly unsuccessful sales people

by Vjekoslav Babic on December 9, 2010

imageOne of the takeaways from my Microsoft experience will undoubtedly by my attendance of Microsoft Services University, where all Microsoft’s consultants are ramped-up in a 15-or-so days intensive program. One of the things I will never forget, is when a presenter (kill me if I can remember his name) asked the 100-strong audience:

- How many of you here work in sales?

A couple of shy hands went up.

- Well, let me tell you something – the guy continued – you ALL work in sales!

And yes, he was absolutely right. If you are a consultant, like it or not, you do work in sales. So, one off-topic post, which is not completely (or not at all) off-topic is a short write-up of a post by Drew Stevens on, with (unpredictably, eh?) the same title as this.

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My new career path – independent consultant

by Vjekoslav Babic on September 3, 2009

It’s official now, and it’s time I announce it here: after two years at Microsoft I’ve decided to take the helm of my career and venture into the realm of independent consulting. Two days into it, and all I can say about it is: what have I been waiting for this long?

While at Microsoft, I had a chance to work on some very exciting projects, I was sitting at the source of information, and the thrill of being able to know about all the news and developments before anyone else is priceless.

But the thrill of being able to work on my own, to pick my own projects, to take on completely new challenges, was even more priceless.

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I don’t know

by Vjekoslav Babic on December 10, 2008


You are consulting for a customer, and they ask you:

- “There is a problem with setup for this item, when I calculate the requisition plan, the system suggests purchasing it, while I have it on another location, and I’d like it to suggest transferring it from that location, instead of purchasing it. Can you fix it?”

Assume you aren’t completely sure in the answer. What do you tell them? What do you do?

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Top 5 qualities of a great Microsoft Dynamics consultant

by Vjekoslav Babic on December 5, 2008

image My last two posts have been a detour from my regular themes, into something that might remind you of human resources. I’ve explained what Microsoft Dynamics consultant does, and how it looks through phases of Sure Step implementation, and I promised to conclude this journey with explaining what I believe to be the 5 most important qualities every great Microsoft Dynamics application consultant must posses. So, here you go.

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What does a Dynamics consultant do: Part two

by Vjekoslav Babic on December 4, 2008

image Yesterday, in my What does a Microsoft Dynamics consultant do? post I started explaining the job of an application consultant. As promised, today I’ll explain what duties an application consultant has in each of Sure Step phases.

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